Here We Go: LGBT Groups Subpoena Family Research Council in Lawsuit Against Trump Over Transgender Military Ban

The Washington, DC-based conservative advocacy group the Family Research Council has been subpoenaed by LGBT groups suing the Trump administration over its transgender military service ban.

Since last year, President Donald Trump has been taking efforts to prohibit openly transgender individuals from serving in the United States military.

In an email sent out to supporters on Tuesday morning, the FRC explained that they were issued a subpoena demanding that they produce all communication on the issue between their leadership and the administration.

“We’ve had to hire a law firm to represent us in the case, and our lawyers have objected to this demand, asserting our First Amendment religious freedom and speech rights,” explained the FRC email.

“The LGBT activist groups have now filed a motion seeking a court order compelling us to turn over the privileged documents.”

FRC also stated that they believe the real intention of the subpoena is to “intimidate FRC and our supporters from standing up for our military service members.”

“They also know that it takes significant time and resources to respond to subpoenas, scarce time and resources that we should be focusing on advancing faith, family, and freedom,” continued the email.

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Source: Christian Post