Google Criticized for Refusing to Create Easter Doodle for 18th Straight Year


Actor James Woods was among those who slammed Google after the media giant refused to mark Easter for the 18th straight year with one of its “doodles,” despite celebrating a variety of other holidays and figures throughout the year.

“They loathe Christians. Plain and simple,” Woods wrote on Sunday as part of a Twitter conversation on Google’s decision not to mark the Jesus-centered day.

Infowars editor Paul Joseph Watson had earlier tweeted: “So Google has a doodle for every obscure ‘woke’ person/event imaginable, but nothing for Easter?” with a screenshot of a plain Google page missing a doodle on Easter Sunday.

“Google honors Islamic & Hindu holidays. Google honored a Communist activist who said she ‘admired’ Osama Bin Laden. Easter? Nothing,” Watson noted on Monday, referring to activist Yuri Kochiyama.

Other voices who made note of Google’s omission included veteran Navy officer Jack Posobiec, who tweeted: “Happy Easter to everyone except Google today.”

Google responded to the controversy with a statement to Fox News:

“We don’t have Doodles for religious holidays, in line with our current Doodle guidelines. Doodles may appear for some non-religious celebrations that have grown out of religious holidays, such as Valentine’s Day, Holi’s Festival of Colors, Tu B’Av and the December holiday period, but we don’t include religious imagery or symbolism as part of these.”

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Source: Christian Post