Carrie Underwood Donates $10K to Injured Police Officer Who Was Childhood Friend

A police officer who was badly injured in a car accident has received $10,000 from country music singer Carrie Underwood to go toward his medical expenses. The officer was a childhood church friend of the country music star.

Underwood, 34, contributed to the GoFundMe page for Assistant Police Chief Justin Durrett of Checotah, Oklahoma, under her married name Carrie Fisher, according to  KOMO News, which reports that Underwood and Durrett were friends in their youth and previously went to the same church.

The fundraising page detailed the Feb. 11 accident, which resulted in Durrett having a broken neck, bruised spine and loss of feeling from his chest down.

“On his way to work he slid off the road, rolled his truck and was ejected from his truck. Then the truck landed on him. It’s by the grace of God this man is alive, not only alive but responsive,” the fundraiser states. “He had been underneath the truck for at least 45 minutes. Misty Johnson a sheriff found him.”

The fact that the sheriff found him seemed nothing short of miraculous.

“She never takes the route she did but something told her to. She then [saw] his vehicle [saw] glass busted out and then heard his phone ringing,” the fundraiser adds. “So she ran to him and called for help and never left his side. Thanking God for her!”

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Source: Christian Post