Eric Metaxas and Anne Morse Say It’s Time to End Planned Parenthood’s Funding

Planned Parenthood’s recently released annual report exposes the organization for what it truly is.

If you go to Wikipedia and look up “Worst Serial Killers in History,” you’ll find a long and horrible list:

Gary Ridgeway, known as the Green River killer, murdered as many as 90 women. Giovanni Brusca, a member of the Sicilian Mafia, killed at least 100 people. Luis Garavito, a Columbian known as “The Beast” is believed to have murdered at least 138 people, mostly children.

But if you go by numbers alone, you might wonder why Planned Parenthood didn’t make the list. The abortion giant’s death toll in 2017 is 321,384—all of them innocent babies. And that’s not counting women who die through so-called safe, legal abortions performed by Planned Parenthood abortionists.

And who is paying for these mass murders? We are—through our taxes. And it’s time we did something about it.

We have a prolife president. We have a prolife Congress. But as Students for Life of America recently pointed out, despite their pledge to defund Planned Parenthood, “you and I are still being forced to funnel our money to the nation’s largest abortion vendor.”

And despite Planned Parenthood’s oft-repeated claim that it offers “comprehensive health services,” its own just-released annual report reveals what a big, fat lie this is. Their own statistics reveal a steep decline in positive services—such as testing for STDs. In fact, as National Review Online notes, Planned Parenthood’s annual report reveals that the abortion giant “exists to provide abortions and not much else.” As for prenatal services—they’ve “dropped steadily every year since 2009, from over 40,000 that year to just under 8,000 last year.”

But there is good news, as well.

Last year, 32 Planned Parenthood clinics closed. Some of them closed because President Trump is allowing states to redirect funds away from Planned Parenthood in favor of organizations that provide reproductive health care that does not include abortion. And more and more women are choosing life for their babies after seeing ultrasound images of them—something many prolife pregnancy centers offer.

But Planned Parenthood still runs nearly 600 clinics and gobbles up millions in taxpayer money, so we still have plenty of work to do.

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Source: Christian Post