Charity Created to Support Virgins in Denmark Can’t Find Any

A charity foundation in the town of Vejle decided to find a new way to support vulnerable women after the original aim – to help virgins with no means of financial support – became rather outdated.

Charity Linnemanns Jomfrukloster (Linnemann’s Virgin Shelter) was founded in 1856 to support ‘single, worthy and in need virgins over the age of 40’.

The charity offered accommodation for five women fitting that description until, in 2016, the purpose of the scheme was changed, reports DR Trekantområdet.

With women fulfilling the criteria increasingly difficult to find, the property owned by the foundation was sold in 2016. Money raised by the sale is now used to offer housing subsidies – and recipients no longer need to be virgins.

In the mid-19th century, when the charity was founded, it was relatively easy to find women who had fallen on hard times by virtue of being single, museum inspector Lisbeth Aagaard Lykke of Vejle Museums told DR.

“If you were unmarried and over 40, and had no inheritance from your parents, there was nobody to support you,” Lykke said

The historian added that the Linnemann family, which founded the charity, also wanted to be remembered for its good deed.

The foundation itself still exists – now in an updated form.

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Source: The Local Denmark