With New Video, David Prince Hopes to Be a Catalyst for Healing, Love, Peace, and Justice In Our Country


[Video] David Prince – “Black and Blue: Prayers from Nashville”

Recently I released a brand new song and it’s called “Black and Blue Prayers from Nashville.” The song was inspired by the heartbreak that I felt after the many recent deaths of black men by the police and the aftermath of it.

I wrote it about a year ago around the time where Alton Sterling and Philando Castile were both shot and killed. I remember that day. It was just a day of reflecting and mourning. It just seemed like the world was going crazy! Black men were continuously getting shot and killed by the police and at the time, five police officers in Dallas, TX were shot and killed at a protest too.

I didn’t say much that day. I remember going to work and pretty much being silent the whole time. I guess it was just the accumulation of everything and the fact that there were people out there who were justifying it. Social media was a terrible place to be. It broke my heart to see the indifference that some people had for actual human lives being lost.

I was also bothered by the fact that the deaths were happening because of the police. What do you do when the people who are supposed to protect you kill you and then get away with it? It would be different if there was no evidence to support it. But there was live footage and they were still getting away with it!

I had to do something. How could I not? I’m black. I’m a Christian. and I’m a human being. How could I sit back and continue to watch innocent lives being taken?

So I decided to do what I do best and write a song. I was inspired by “We are the World” by Michael Jackson so I also invited a few of my artist friends from Nashville to take a stand with me.

I thought, Maybe I won’t protest. That’s not really my style. But I can use the talents and gifts that God has given me along with my influence to speak up for all of the innocent lives that have been taken.

I’ve gotta say, this was probably one of the most difficult songs that I’ve ever had to put together because there are so many features. Trying to get schedules to align was exhausting. My original plan was to release the song as soon as possible, but here we are a year later.

But everything is in God’s timing and I believe the wait was worth it.

And the crazy thing is, the police officer who shot and killed Philando Castile was just found not guilty…

We obviously have a problem that needs to be fixed.

I’m not looking for trouble and I definitely don’t want to start any more division. I grew up as a military kid. I definitely respect authority. Also with being a military kid, I grew up around all races and cultures. I love everyone!

At the end of the day, I want everyone to be safe.

My prayer is that “Black and Blue Prayers from Nashville” will be the catalyst for healing, love, peace, and justice in our country and in our world. I still believe in us. I still have hope. I always will.

Video: David Prince “Black and Blue: Prayers from Nashville”

Filmed and directed by Aaron Williams
Produced by J-Ryan the Composer
Mixed by Eddie de Poole
Mastered by David Brancato
Written by David Prince Reedy, Adige’, Chance Cold, Jerrold Edwards, Mr. Shouty, Cecil Raw, and Nate Bean

Support the single at iTunes & Google Play. Get a free download here.


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