Tooth and Nail Records Set to Launch Podcast “Labeled”


Podcast Preview Available to Stream

Veteran independent rock label Tooth & Nail Records are set to launch their brand new podcast Labeled: “The Stories, Rumors & Legends of Tooth & Nail Records.” Airing weekly, with episode one available to stream via iTunes this summer, Labeled takes listeners behind the scenes of one of this generation’s defining indie record labels. For more information, please visit:

Led by Emery’s Matt Carter and Toby Morrell as well as Aaron Lunsford of As Cities Burn, Labeled aims to set the record straight through storytelling and reporting on what really happens behind the scenes in the music industry. “I’m always blown away by the number of claims and rumors that we hear from fans,” Matt Carter remarked, “This is an exploration…we have access to primary sources or even firsthand knowledge. We get to explore and share and confirm or debunk.” The podcast will feature exclusive interviews with bands, managers, touring crew, producers, label employees and even Tooth & Nail Records founder and President, Brandon Ebel who said, “A record label is more than its owner and more than its staff: we’re bands, families, managers, book agents, distributors, and friends. Everyone has a story. This one’s ours.”

Founded in the early 90s by Brandon Ebel, Tooth & Nail Records has become a staple in the rock world in the decade since its inception. Boasting some of the biggest names in rock – Underoath, The Almost, Mae, Anberlin – as well as dynamic rosters under imprints Solid State Records (Demon Hunter, Fit For A King, Silent Planet) and BEC Recordings (Jeremy Camp, Kutless), Tooth & Nail Records have effectively dominated the rock world and every subgenre it envelopes.  Tooth & Nail groups grace the covers of magazines like Alternative Press and receive airplay on MTV, Fuse and modern rock stations across the country, while headlining tours like Rockstar Taste Of Chaos and Vans Warped Tour and festivals like Cornerstone. “Over the years, Tooth & Nail has worked with a lot of people and a lot of people have worked at Tooth & Nail. With all of those personalities, memories are bound to be made,” Ebel noted, “We’re excited to share some of those with you now, from the fun ones to the lame ones, to the ones you won’t believe happened.”

Labeled: “The Stories, Rumors & Legends of Tooth and Nail is set to launch this summer. This is the first official podcast from Tooth & Nail Records and will be available for streaming via iTunes. For more information, please visit:

For more information, please visit:


SOURCE: Big Picture Media

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