Chris Howland and Spencer Kane Team Up for “I Got You” (Video)


Chris Howland and Spencer Kane have teamed up to bring us “I Got You”, a hot new track which is sure to land on your playlist for the Spring and Summer.

As Kane’s expressive vocals sit wonderfully on top of Howland’s tropical-pop production style, these two fellas certainly seem to bring out the best of each other on this collaboration.

The message of the song is simple: If you’ve got God in your life, nothing else matters. Spencer goes into greater depth about his lyrics and explains,

“Because I’m single I feel this pressure to always be focused on finding the perfect relationship and it was like an obvious inspiration to write about the perfect relationship I have with God. […] we all dream of that one person who will complete you, but in reality only God can truly be that for us. God is perfect and basically when we understand that our relationship with him is our priority, nothing else matters.” – Spencer Kane

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Check out his song “I Got You (Ft. Spencer Kane)” on YouTube:

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