Apple Launches Clips App

Remember that time Apple launched an iOS app called Clips so people could go forth and pepper their social networks with cleverly edited videos? Well, you probably don’t, because it hasn’t happened yet. Soon, though! If everything goes according to plan, you’ll be able to grab it from the App Store at around 1 PM (Eastern) this afternoon. In the meantime, we’ve spent a little more time with Apple’s new video-editing app. Despite its dead-simple interface, Clips is capable of some pretty impressive feats.

The broad strokes are as we explained them the first time: Hold down a big, red record button to shoot a clip, plop it into your project’s timeline, and load it up with symbols, filters and emoji for good measure. If that sounds simple, well, it is. Mostly. After all, it’s meant to sit in between the pure automation of iOS’ photo memories and the more in-depth work that comes with using mobile iMovie. And sure, you could piece together a similar video project in an app like Instagram or a similar Snapchat store.

Yet Clips’ surprisingly handy list of features sets it apart. It almost feels like Apple baked extra bells and whistles into the app to give it a leg up on other social platforms without having to build a social network of its own. While you’ll be able to piece together something interesting before long, some of the finer points take a little more time to figure out. Fortunately, you’ll be able to access a handy Help section in the app that wasn’t ready for me to look at yet.

So yeah, after you factor in time recording clips, massaging them into the right order, adding the right effects and rendering the project into a shareable form, your first project will probably take a few minutes to complete. As it turns out, you can make things pretty damned complex: A single project can contain over 300 clips and run for up 60 minutes. I wasn’t about to be the first person to shoot a full-length documentary with this thing, but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone took up that challenge soon. As enjoyable as the app can be, though, it definitely still feels like a first attempt.

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SOURCE: Engadget, Chris Velazco

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