University Professor Uses Hip Hip to Inspire, Deliver Lectures to Students (Video)


Revolt TV recently published a feature on Christian rapper Timothy Welbeck, a professor at Temple University and Philadelphia University, who uses his ability on the mic in class.
“From its inception, hip hop has been a voice for the voiceless,” Welbeck said. “And when you think about it, the artists, they didn’t necessarily have to sing. They’re now saying that I can communicate music without having the ability to hold a note. And then the people making the music didn’t have to play an instrument. You could take what used to be a music player and turn it into a musical instrument.

“[Hip hop has] offered opportunities for people to speak when they often didn’t have an opportunity to speak. It’s perfectly positioned to talk about social issues, to talk about mass incarceration or police brutality or urban neglect, and so a lot of millennials find their voice in their favorite hip-hop artist because they see themselves in the artist.”

Welbeck teaches “Hip-Hop and Black Culture” and “Mass Media and the Black Community” at Temple, as well as “The African American Experience” and “Political Subcultures” at Philadelphia University. Watch Revolt TV’s interview with him below.

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SOURCE: Rapzilla
David Daniels

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