Georgia Teen Girl Personalizes Entire Bible to Give to Boyfriend as Christmas Gift


A 16-year-old girl from Georgia decided to give her boyfriend a very special gift this Christmas.

When Reagan Lee found out that her boyfriend, 18-year-old Garrett Chisum, wanted a Bible for Christmas, she had an idea.

Reagan decided to get Garret a Bible and use her artistic skills to personalize every single page of the Bible with handwritten notes, drawings, and designs.

“I figured a Bible would be a cute, really pure gift,” she said, according to Buzzfeed. “And knowing my boyfriend, I knew he would love it even more if I customized it.”

She posted pictures of the finished Bible on Twitter and people were quick to respond with praise for the thoughtful gift. Many also commented on particular drawings they liked the best.

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SOURCE: Christian Headlines
Veronica Neffinger

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