Dr. Rayford Malone Shows Christian Leaders How to Prepare Those Who Will One Day Replace Them In New Book, “The Joshua Dilemma”


One of the most important issues in the church is the issue of succession of leadership. Many church and ministry leaders simply don’t know where to begin when it comes to training those who will one day replace them. A new book by Alabama pastor, Dr. Rayford E. Malone, is a valuable resource for those leaders looking to plan for the next generation.

The Joshua Dilemma: Mentoring Servant Leaders To Transition Through Ministry Succession is designed to show the errors of the past in ministry succession and to enlighten the church so that it will not repeat past mistakes in this dying world. Malone says, “Church and ministry succession can no longer be left up to chance. As the sun sets on this dying world, the Church has been engrossed in the spiritual rebellion of Korah. We have become a church that everyone fights to control but only a few truly have the anointing and leadership skills to steer into the future.”

Using the examples of Saul and David, Jethro and Moses, and Elijah and Elisha, Dr. Malone examines the good, the bad, and the ugly of leadership transition. He provides practical advice, encouragement, and direction that will help any church leader pass the baton successfully.

The Joshua Dilemma: Mentoring Servant Leaders To Transition Through Ministry Succession is available now on Amazon.com and Amazon Kindle.

Dr. Rayford E. Malone is a ministerial and leadership visionary who has been shaping and rebuilding churches for almost two decades.

His pastoral roots began in the Butler community outside of Fairfield, Texas, with a small 15-member congregation. Currently, Dr. Malone serves as Senior Pastor at the historic Greater Beulah Baptist Church located in Southeast Alabama where they are seeking to “Build the people who shape the world.”

His unorthodox style and his attempts to engage the millennial generation has caused a “new thing” in the body of Christ as he seeks to incorporate every generation into the worship styles inside and outside the four walls of the church. Throughout the years, Dr. Malone has sought to inspire the church to reach its maximum potential in Christ as it seeks to equip, train, and send out new spiritual leaders with a fresh mindset as they find their purpose and direction in life.

In his spare time, he has written several books. The first published book was a co-authored work entitled, Boys to Men: A Guide for African American Boys. His subsequent published works include Positioned for Purpose, On The Outside Looking In: Discovering God Through Broken Relationships, Everybody Can’t Climb This Mountain, and The Joy of Being Stuck on Pause.

Find out more about Rayford E. Malone and his ministry at www.rayfordemalone.org.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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