BCNN1 Editors Present a Record of Biblical Responses to President Obama In “The Prophet and the President”


As President Barack Obama leaves office this week, many are looking back on what the past eight years have meant for America. In a new book, the editors of Christian News Network One have provided a unique compilation of “prophetic messages delivered to President Obama during his eight years in office regarding the direction he was taking the nation.”

The Prophet and the President is a Christian response to President Barack Obama and his administration compiled from content published on over the past eight years. stated, “Being a black, Christian news organization, we were fully aware of the historical significance of Barack Obama being elected President of the United States. A black man who claimed to be a follower of Jesus Christ had ascended to the highest office in a land that has had a complicated and tortured history on race and an increasingly complicated present climate on religious influence in politics. We were well aware that many African-Americans counted this a victory for black people. And we, too, rejoice in how President Obama, First Lady Michelle, and their daughters, Malia and Sasha, have represented the nation with dignity, class, and respect.

“However, during the 2008 presidential campaign, God led us to warn the nation that if President Obama did not follow biblical principles and God’s direction during his administration, his presidency would not be a blessing, but a curse to the nation.

“This book is a collection of those prophetic pronouncements. We hope that they will serve as a record that there were some in this nation who remained loyal to God despite prevailing political winds. We hope that it will serve as an encouragement and inspiration to Christians across the nation who are tempted to succumb to societal pressure. Finally, we hope that it will serve as a warning to future presidential administrations that God will not tolerate the defiance of His Word, and He will destroy and render ineffective those who oppose Him.”

The Prophet and the President: A Record of Prophetic Messages Delivered to President Barack Obama During His Eight Years in Office Regarding the Direction he Was Taking the Nation is available now on Amazon Kindle for $2.99. It will soon be available as a paperback on

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SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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