Has Lecrae Influenced More Hip Hop Artists Like Chance the Rapper to Rap More About Their Faith? (Video)


Hot 97 interviewed Lecrae when he dropped his new single, “Can’t Stop Me Now”, and co-host Ebro Darden suggested that Lecrae’s album Anomaly may have made hip-hop artists like Chance The Rapper more comfortable to rap about their faith more frequently.
“People’s spirituality has always been covered in hip hop,” Ebro said. “We’ve had this debate about spirituality and God-philosophy in hip hop forever. ‘Jesus Walks’ for Kanye West was a very poignant radio, mainstream media moment where, even in the song, he says that he didn’t think radio was gonna play the record because it’s about God…

“Now, with Chance the Rapper, it kinda feels like you’ve opened that conversation even a little bit more. I don’t know if you take credit for that, but I kinda feel like after your album Anomaly, people … and Chance has always been there, but I feel like on this album, he felt like on Coloring Book he could go farther. Do you and Chance have a relationship?”

“We DM back and forth a little bit. Our managers are cool,” Lecrae said.

But he declined to take credit for an increase in faith-related hip hop today.

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SOURCE: Rapzilla
David Daniels

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