Proxy Releases Tamir Rice Inspired, “I’m Magnificent (Remix)” Video

“I’m Magnificent” is the song “Magnificent”, re-inspired by Tamir Rice. He’s Magnificent. Watching my son play, I remembered the feeling of being invincible as a child. What it really felt like to believe you were a superhero and your future was limitless. This new understanding of Magnificence comes in the midst of tragedy. While young black men are being villainized by so many, I wanted to remind us all of what Magnificence looks like on an 8-year-old child. The humanity and beauty of it all. The aggression of the song matches the mindset of a child who sees the world as his oyster. He will not be defeated, in life or in death.

Dedicated to remembering Tamir Rice and all the magnificent lives lost to any violence.

Video: Proxy “I’m Magnificent (Remix)”

This track is available now at iTunes.

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