Staci Frenes Launches Kickstarter Campaign In Support of New Album

Project Examines the Messy, Beautiful and Hopeful Process of Change

With a Kickstarter campaign underway until May 26, singer/songwriter Staci Frenes hopes to send her new album-to Unpathed Waters, Undreamed Shores-out to sea with the support of friends, fans and music lovers to help fund it. Frenes’ acoustic folk-pop music has inspired audiences at her concerts all over the country, and on major network shows such as The Biggest Loser, America’s Next Top Model, and Nashville.

The songs for this new album were written in the midst of what Frenes calls “a challenging and exhilarating few years” filled with major life changes including the unexpected deaths of two immediate family members. Through it all, Frenes has been exploring the messy, beautiful, and ultimately hopeful process of change.

“In my experience, it’s the unexpected twists and difficult passages that teach us the most, and often lead us to ‘undreamed shores’ where we never imagined we’d be. This record is about navigating change with a deep assurance that God’s with us in all of it.”

Frenes will be working with longtime songwriting collaborator and producer, Nate Sabin (Sara Groves/Jason Gray) in his St. Paul/Minneapolis studio for most of the recording, then mixing and mastering in Nashville. As an independent artist Frenes has recorded several albums without funding from a record label, and she’s optimistic about receiving support from the people who believe in and value her music. Fundraising with Kickstarter is a risk because Frenes will only receive the money if the full goal amount is reached by the end of the campaign (May 26), but she believes these new songs are meant to be shared and worth that risk. In short, she’s diving all the way in.

To submit a pledge for Staci’s Kickstarter campaign, visit and to learn more about Staci, her music and her book, Flourish, visit



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