Lecrae Takes His Message of Faith Beyond His Music With “Unashamed” Memoir

Lecrae (Reach Records)
Lecrae (Reach Records)

With a #1 album and over two million Facebook followers, Lecrae is well known for being both a rapper and a Christian. The artist is taking his message of faith beyond his music in Unashamed (B&H Books), a memoir publishing this spring. In it, Lecrae recalls his troubled past of abuse, drugs, and alcoholism, as well as his discovery of faith. Lecrae is embarking on a three-month-long national concert/book tour starting on February 9.

In your book, you talk about how it’s easier to share a Christian message through music via the mainstream than it is through the Christian genre. Could you explain more about that?

I think there are preconceived ideas when you play something in the Christian genre—that it’s only for Christians. That it’s only valuable if I’m a Christian. Or that whatever I believe Christianity is, this is a validation of my views on that. I think that becomes a hindrance a lot of times. You see that across the board, and I think a lot of biased perspectives arise. I try to help people understand that I write from different vantage points, so when they hear my music, there’s no preconceived ideas or genres attached to it—they just receive it as it is and say, “Man, this is really good.” And someone might say, “That dude’s a Christian.” And they say, “Is he? Wow!”


What do you find most challenging about sharing your faith as a Christian in the entertainment industry?

There are all sorts of challenges, but the biggest piece in the entertainment industry, and in the world in a lot of ways, is that the millennial culture is very “for the moment;” whereas, in my faith, I appreciate the moment but don’t necessarily live for the moment. I value the past and the traditions, and I have a hopeful outlook for the future. So the moment is not all that matters to me. I think a lot people in music, through their art, provide a depiction of what it looks like to live for the moment, which presents some challenges. You don’t want to appear to be a staunch, narrow-minded, old-school person, but, at the same time, there’s value in the traditions of the past.

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SOURCE: Publisher’s Weekly
Kathleen Samuelson

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