“Engage” Ministry Encourages Millennials to Vote In Election Season


A ministry for Millennials has kicked off a week of encouraging young Americans to vote – and to do it from a solid biblical footing.

The ministry is Engage – and its purpose is to show how the biblical worldview intersects with culture and engages it. Through February 19, Engage is conducting a “Voice Your Vote” week. Wesley Wildmon, director of social media at Engage, is one of the organizers.

“The purpose of this week is to isolate five days [and provide] five different articles to encourage the Millennial audience to be involved in voting, be involved in the political realm, and [recognize it has been] given the opportunity to select our leaders,” says Wildmon.

Throughout the week, writers for Engage will be appearing on American Family Radio to discuss articles. Titles include “You Hire; You Fire,” “Vote For Someone You Know” and “How To Choose Your Candidate.” Articles will also be featured throughout the week on the ministry’s website, EngageMagazine.net.

“We’re [also] on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook,” says Wildmon. “On Instagram and Twitter, our handle is @EngageMagazine1 and you can find us on Facebook ….”

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SOURCE: OneNewsNow.com
Chris Woodward

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