Texas Author, Tyeesha Holt, Shares Story of Deliverance from the Homosexual Lifestyle in New Book, “Nothing Gay About Being Gay”


In new book, Nothing Gay About Being Gay, Tyeesha Holt shares her personal story of being sucked in by the homosexual lifestyle as a teenager, getting engaged to marry a woman, and how she was able to overcome its strongholds in her life through faith in Jesus Christ. In a world where homosexuality and the homosexual agenda is often talked about from a political or social standpoint, Holt offers a spiritual viewpoint, not of condemnation and judgment, but of forgiveness and hope. Readers will see both the strong pull of sin and the abundance of grace that God offers to those who desperately want a way out of this lifestyle.

After living the majority of her youth and adolescent years in the homosexual lifestyle, Tyeesha Holt dedicated her life to Jesus Christ and made the decision to write about Nephew, the name she was given while living in that dark period of time in her life. At a very young age, Tyeesha was introduced to porn and that introduction coupled with the hurt and loneliness she felt from missing the love of her father, caused a downward spiral into a dark life of homosexuality, abuse, drugs, and alcohol.

Tyeesha Holt is a very active member of Koinonia Christian Church in Arlington, Texas, where she serves as a Youth Director. In her down time, she simply likes to hang with people she loves

Visit Tyeesha Holt online at www.TyeeshaHolt.com.

To book Tyeesha Holt for speaking engagements and/or book signings, please email Vanessa Howell at: vhowell@tyeeshaholt.com.

Nothing Gay About Being Gay is now available to order on Amazon.com. It will soon be available wherever fine books are sold including: Amazon Kindle, BarnesandNoble.com, and BN Nook.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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