Wisconsin Church Holds Star Wars-Themed Service for Message of Hope and Peace


Faith-based organizations all over the country are responding to the terrorist attacks in Paris with messages of hope, peace and prayer.

Saturday, a local church had an unlikely venue for this message, at a Star Wars conference they’d planned months in advance.

First United Presbyterian Church drew in 150 people by using Star Wars to show the relationship between the Christian story and the Jedi story.

“The idea that we want to go to the light. That there is always hope in adversity. That we can overcome anything at all that comes our way, using God or using the force,” said Dawn Picard.

The message of peace and hope strongly resonated with people looking for answers following Friday’s terrorist attacks.

“I think it lends itself obviously to addressing some aspect of what we saw yesterday and the horrors that we all experience in terms of watching it on television and watching events unfold,” said Luke Farwell.

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