Writing It Down Can Change Your Life New Empowerment Series of Success Journals Encourage Teens, Young Adults, Women & Professionals to Grow Spiritually


Today the world is filled with more messages than ever. How does one know which message to trust, follow or incorporate for a successful spiritual life. One process that has worked for thousands is seeking God first then journaling. With journaling you can create your own blueprint for life. You can get clear about the kind of Christian life God is calling you too and what steps you should take to grow.

Mable Cannings, bestselling Christian Author and Speaker believes, “Your Life is Too Important to Miss!” Journaling was Mable’s saving grace after her son was killed. The process of channeling all of that raw emotion into a written document helped her in time to look back with gratitude. Tragedy was the catalyst that catapulted Mable into her non-fiction writing career. “God was speaking to me during that time and I knew that journaling had saved my life and could help others,” she explained.

Journaling helps individuals to be self aware, focused, accountable, on-point, purposeful and successful. The beauty of this process is journal writing is a tool that is up close and personal. Every generation and every gender can benefit from turning the TV, computer or phone off and spending time with the Creator and most important person you know (You) doing a little soul searching.

According to Cannings, with so much pain in the world, the lost art of journaling can pay big dividends. What makes this journal series so important is the fact that individuals who have lost their way, sad, depressed, lonely, suicidal, grieving, or struggling in any way can find hope within these pages.

Each unique journal contains both a guided and free flow section with affirmations or scripture to encourage success. The owner will find inspiration on every page to fast forward their progress or never give up ~ no matter what!

The Empowerment Series includes: Aha Moments Teen Journal: Where the Message Makes Sense; G.A.B #Goals #Action #Brag for Young Adults; Empowered Woman Success Journal: Power Thoughts to Fuel Your Journey; and Success Journal Mining Your P’s & Q’s: 101 Thoughts to Help You Succeed Every Day. Journals are available online at Amazon.com, MableCannings.com and local retail outlets this winter. If you cannot find these titles in your community please request them.

Cannings says, “the great thing about the human species is ‘we have the power to rewrite the stories of our lives’. We do not have to be victims of our past, heritage or socio-economic status. We have the power to turnaround, upgrade and be responsible for our lives. Each day brings new opportunity to praise Jesus Christ and choose how the final chapter will be written, by the choices we make.”

Cannings is also the author of The Heart and Soul of Business: One Woman’s Journey (2008) which she wrote to inspire and help new entrepreneurs.

To book Cannings for talk shows, women’s conferences, church, school, or college events, please call 1-936-652-7801 or email mcinternational2008@gmail.com.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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