Parallel Bible App Merges Scripture, Photography, and Social Media


It has been said, “You can’t reach the iPod generation with an 8-track ministry.” That is the wisdom behind a relatively new Bible app called the Parallel Bible.

The app merges Scripture, photography, and social media. Its creator is Andrew Breitenberg, an American missionary and street artist who spent seven years in poor South African villages sharing his mural-painting talent.

Breitenberg and his brother are now looking to bring the app to the hands of new readers with a physical book. They are starting with the Gospel of Mark, which is about a thousand pages of images and 678 verses.

“We are hoping that people can understand that buying the book is a way of furthering this work that we are doing, trying to bring the Bible into the hands of people that don’t have it,” Breitenberg told CBN News.

It’s a costly venture that has sent Breitenberg to the Internet in search of support. He has launched a online funding campaign to raise the $60,000 needed.

Learn more about the online funding campaign here.

Click here to view video.

Efrem Graham

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