Google’s Autocomplete Function Shows What Questions People Have About Christianity


We used Google’s autocomplete function to see what questions people have about Christianity. The results are concerning.

In the last decade, Google has become so synonymous with looking for answers, that to “Google” something is a part of everyday life for almost anyone with an Internet connection. And, thanks to an algorithm that tracks every search in history, the search engine is getting smarter with each individual query. This makes the autocomplete feature a weird look into the collective questions plaguing modern culture and the thoughts of the masses.

We decided to plug a few faith-related questions and statements into the search field, and let autocomplete—which tries to guess what you are going to type based on the volume of searches it has seen in the past—tell us what people have been looking for.

The results weren’t always encouraging, but for Christians who are seeking to shape and influence culture, they can provide some interesting insight into the answers people want to know.

A quick note about our methodology: We paused all of our personal settings, so none of our past searches would influence the results. Also, we changed the location setting from local (using the IP address of where we were), to showing the entire U.S.

On Christians

This one is the most discouraging. It seems that most people who turn to the Internet for answers about the Body of Christ mostly want to know why Christians are such a bummer. Hopefully, this is one area we can all be a part of changing.

It also seems Googlers are curious about Christians’ bacon consumption.

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SOURCE: Relevant Magazine
Jesse Carey

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