Thousands Fill AT&T Park for Joel Osteen’s 7th Annual “Night of Hope” Event In San Francisco

(Joel Osteen Ministries)
(Joel Osteen Ministries)

Tens of thousands of people packed into AT&T Park Saturday night, but it wasn’t to see the Giants.

Instead of cheering for base hits and strikeouts, people applauded mega-church leaders Joel and Victoria Osteen as they presented their “Night of Hope.”

Those in attendance wore shirts that said “Crazy worshiper” and flew in from as far away as Toronto, Canada for the event.

“We have friends that live in San Francisco. I have family in Anaheim, so when we saw that he was coming to San Francisco in August we made it a family vacation,” said Sharon Lavrosse, a Canadian resident.

AT&T Park was nearly packed with people who are looking for hope, not a home run. It’s a message that resonates with Cristy Rodriguez who drove to San Francisco from Modesto.

“There is a path for you. For instance, I just lost my job and I’m okay with that because I believe just, a door closed and another one will open,” Rodriguez said.

“Our message is about, how can we lift somebody up?” said Joel Osteen. “Let them know that they can overcome and they can move forward and with God’s help they can still fulfill their destiny,” Joel Osteen said before taking the stage.

The event sold out with people spending $18 to soak in what some people call a prosperity gospel.

“The scripture says that God rewards people that seek after him, so I hope you know right now that God is smiling down on you,” Osteen said on the stage.

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