The Christian Roots of Pro-Life Conviction


How Christian concern transcends political chatter.

Today, the Center for Medical Progress released a third video in what’s become a series of undercover videos spotlighting unethical practices by Planned Parenthood. This one appears to be the most graphic yet. The first two videos reveal high-level Planned Parenthood employees discussing—often in shocking detail—the use of body parts from aborted babies.

This most recent video depicts the discussion of aborted babies, whose dismembered bodies the organization apparently uses for medical research.

The sting-type operation by the activist group falls in line with similar efforts by pro-life activists to shed light on abortion practices—and in so doing undermine the credibility of groups like Planned Parenthood. Even with PP executives decrying the campaign as concocted with “wildly false stories through selective editing,” these videos are at least pushing the topic of abortion into the national spotlight.

So far, the videos prompted the United States Congress to open investigations into Planned Parenthood. And it now appears that some of Planned Parenthood’s highest-profile corporate sponsors are distancing themselves from the nation’s largest provider of on-demand abortions.

Bipartisan Concerns

Yesterday, The New York Times noted that even though its unclear exactly what the videos show, “What is clear is that Republicans and anti-abortion groups are giving no signs of letting the issue fade quickly.” And that’s probably true. Though, notably, the Planned Parenthood scandal may be shifting political lines, too. The Times report cites democratic representative Gerald Connolly saying, “Democrats will not abandon their support for women’s reproductive rights, but ‘nor are [they] going to defend the indefensible.’”

Regardless of reasons or ends Republicans may claim, for Christians, this issue surrounds a central concern within Christian teaching that transcends politics: life and human dignity.

Followers of Jesus promoted a culture of life a long time before abortion became such a partisan issue. And the Christian concern for life neither begins nor ends with strictly “legal” concerns. Rather, our concerns are rooted deeper than political chatter, and our authority is higher than D.C.

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SOURCE: Relevant Magazine
Aaron Hanbury

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