Teen Girl Bitten by Shark in North Carolina

Yep. This just happened 😳 #sharkattack #OIB (Instagram | @marissaleigh93)
Yep. This just happened 😳 #sharkattack #OIB (Instagram | @marissaleigh93)

A teenager survived what appears to be a shark attack off the coast of North Carolina.

WECT reports it happened at Ocean Isle Beach on Thursday afternoon.

Mayor Debbie Smith said the girl has three or four lacerations but they’re considered minor. She was treated at a hospital.

A witness said it looked like the girl was bitten on the foot. She was shaken but seemed okay.

In a 911 tape, a caller says the victim was bit on her right foot around her toe. “It’s bleeding pretty bad,” the caller explained.

Another witness said the shark appeared to be 4 feet long.


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