Jamietra Hennington Leads 21 Day Journey of Self Love in New Book, “Lord, Help Me to Love Me”


Many people have a pretty good understanding of what it means to love others — spouses, children, family members, even business partners, co-workers, and teammates. Our view of love is often outward and it should be. However, it is dangerous to love others to the neglect of loving one’s self. Self-love is looked at in many ways from various perspectives. Some see it as a form of value and worth while others see it as a close sign of selfishness.

In Jamietra Hennington’s latest book, Lord, Help Me to Love Me, she takes readers on a journey of discovery, of understanding what true love is from God’s point of view, and how to truly love both others and one’s self. Using Scripture and personal examples, readers will grasp what it means not to always focus on one’s weaknesses, hurts, and pains, but how to mirror the joy of Christ by following the path of the Holy Spirit. Hennington shows readers how to let go of pride, the need for perfection, how to forgive, and the danger of yielding to unrealistic expectations.

Jamietra Hennington is the author of Trapped Inside of Me and the visionary of Fight for Your Life (FFYL). Fight for Your Life (FFYL) seeks to empower individuals to endure life’s challenges through the written/spoken word of God and outreach. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, FFYL reaches out to those saved and unsaved out of desire to pull down the strongholds that keep us entangled in the traps of the enemy.

To find out more about Jamietra Hennington, visit: www.fightformylife.com.

To book Jamietra Hennington for speaking engagements and/or book signings, please email: contactFFYL@fightformylife.com.

Lord, Help Me to Love Me is available at Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, and TatePublishing.com.

SOURCE: Vision Public Relations Group

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