A Tech-Savvy Crowd Fills Jerusalem’s Old City for Easter

Easter Sunday in Jerusalem‏. (ARIEL COHEN)
Easter Sunday in Jerusalem‏. (ARIEL COHEN)

Selfie sticks and go-pros filled the Church of the Holy Sephulchre this morning as pilgrims attempted to catch Easter celebrations on film.

Hundreds of pilgrims clamored to catch a glimpse of Jesus’s tomb in Jerusalem’s Church of the Holy Sepulchre this morning, as a part of Easter and Palm Sunday celebrations in the Old City.

While some worshippers took celebrations very seriously, others rushed to take selfies with Jesus’s tomb, treating the event more like a tourist spectacle than a somber religious event. Many members of the crowd outside the church stood atop the steps of Golgatha in order to catch a better snapshot of the religious festivities below. The most savvy pilgrims had their cameras and iPhones attached to sticks in order to make sure they could get a clear shot of the religious processions.

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ after his death. Most Christians believe that this event occurred in the Old City of Jerusalem, namely, atop Golgotha at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

According to the Western calendar, Easter is celebrated this Sunday (April 5). However, in the Eastern Orthodox Christian calendar, today is Palm Sunday and Easter will be celebrated on April 12. Since Jerusalem is a place where Christians of all denominations flock, both Easter and Palm Sunday were celebrated in the day’s events.

One man in the crowd said that because of the various calendar changes, April is like a “month of Easter Sundays in Jerusalem.”

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SOURCE: The Jerusalem Post
Ariel Cohen

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