Murk Releases “P31” Single


Murk is set to release the “P31” EP on March 31st, 2015 via Dedicated Music Group. Each album track features production by Mr. Del.

She covers several topics familiar to young women including: self esteem, forgiveness/grace, inner and outer beauty, finding one’s worth in Jesus alone among others. A Spring tour with Mr. Del and other artists is planned.

P31 is the title track and of course the star of the project. This song is what inspired the P31 EP and began the entire P31 movement, making it the original ladies anthem. It features an infectious, repetitive hook that denounces artificial beauty and instead boasts in the inner beauty of being a Proverbs 31 girl/woman. The lyrics boldly share guidelines and standards that a virtuous woman of God should live by. It teaches women to respect themselves while also teaching men to respect women and their values. It is the ultimate celebration of receiving salvation and a divine spiritual makeover from Christ. It encourages every P31 to get up, dance, and “go live”!

Listen on Soundcloud: Murk “P31”

Twitter: @murkp31 @sohhpr
Instagram: Murkp31


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