“Do You Believe?” Called a Faith Version of “Crash”; Creators Hope for Double Blessing


“God’s Not Dead” broke box office records and became the highest grossing independent film of 2014. Now the film’s creators are releasing their follow up to the hit faith film. It is called “Do You Believe?”

Critics call “Do You Believe” a faith version of the Academy Award-winning film “Crash.”

The movie follows a dozen characters, moving in different directions. All of them are longing for something more as their lives unexpectedly intersect. The all-star cast includes Mira Sorvino, Lee Majors, Ted McGinley, and Cybill Shepherd.

Shepherd and McGinley spoke with CBN News about their roles in the project.

‘What Attracted Me to the Role?’

Shepherd plays Teri, a grief-stricken mother who lost her daughter.

When describing that role, Shepherd told CBN News Teri is “frozen because she is not really letting herself feel her grief. It is too deep. And that is what made me want to play this role, the idea of going through that transition, where my character faces her grief about losing that child.”

Ted McGinley plays Matthew, a pastor.

“It starts off with me putting what looks like blood on the cross and turning around to the audience, really, with just a very straight face and sort of confronting all of them,” McGinley said of his role.

“So it is a little bit uncomfortable at first,” McGinley continued. “But you see he begins to come around. But he is a guy who is going to tell you the truth because that’s what he just encountered.”

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