Demolishing Atheism Video Called ‘Pathetic’ by Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins (Reuters/Chris Keane)
Richard Dawkins (Reuters/Chris Keane)

Richard Dawkins has dismissed a Christian video that claims to undo atheist reasoning about God, saying the argument was “pathetic”.

In the video a woman tells a dentist that saying you don’t believe in God because of suffering in the world is like saying you don’t believe in dentists because some people have bad teeth.

“If there are dentists in the world, then why are there so many broken, infected and missing teeth?” the woman asks.

The dentist replies: “I can’t help people that don’t come to me to have their teeth fixed.”

Evangelist Joshua Feuerstein shared the video with his million plus Facebook followers in December, but the video has had renewed interest this month.

Speaking to the Huffington Post, Dawkins said: “If this is the best the faith-heads can do by way of ‘demolishing atheism’, I hope you will give it maximum publicity in order to demonstrate how pathetic the ‘argument’ is. It’s so weak, no reply is needed. To anyone of any intelligence at all, it replies to itself.”

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SOURCE: Christian Today
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