Atheists Demand School Disallows Student’s ‘God Bless America’ Statement


Hands hold handwritten “God Bless America” sign
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If there is a God who blesses America, he can’t be called upon to do it over the public address system at Yulee High School, according to a national atheist group who threatened to sue the school over a student’s morning announcement sign-off.

For the past few weeks, the student has ended his reading of the announcements with the statement “God Bless America”, which according to Nassau County Schools, is not part of the script.

The addendum doesn’t sit well with two atheist students. But rather than expressing their grievance to the school’s principal, Natasha Drake, they reached out to the Washington-based American Humanist Association, who sent a letter Monday to Drake and Nassau County schools superintendent John L. Ruis.

“We have been informed that religious messages (have been) delivered over the PA system at Yulee High School every morning for the past few weeks,” read the letter by the Appignani Humanist Legal Center, the legal arm of the AHA.

The letter said the student’s statement was a “constitutional violation” that must be stopped immediately, and that it was “inappropriate” for the message to be delivered over the intercom.

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SOURCE: USA Today / WLTV/WJXX-TV, Jacksonville, Fla.
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