Whitney Houston and Bobbi Kristina Brown: A Circle of Tragedy


No one can know the amount of grief that Bobbi Kristina Brown felt after losing her mom Whitney Houston.

“I still feel her everywhere,” Bobbi Kristina said on the Lifetime reality show “The Houstons: On Our Own in 2012.” “She’s still around me and that’s what keeps me comfortable is knowing that my best friend, my everything, is still with me.”

Bobbi Kristina was born in March 1993 and Whitney couldn’t wait to share her bundle of joy with the world.

“This is my date tonight!” Whitney told ET at the Oscars that year.

Three years later, Whitney announced that she was pregnant again, but sadly lost the baby shortly after. This was just one of the tragedies the Houston women have had to bear. ET caught up with Whitney’s mom Cissy about one year after Whitney’s passing.

“That girl was all I ever wanted,” Cissy said in 2013, admitting that she still hadn’t come to terms with her loss. “I wanted a daughter that I could bring up and put in pretty little dresses and nice bows — all that kind of stuff.”

Cissy’s love for Whitney did not go unnoticed.

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