C. NaTasha Richburg Releases New Book, “Outside the Inside Circle”


Every person yearns to be accepted, included, approved of, and appreciated. No one wants to be left out especially in the context of a family or friend group. Yet, this is what many people experience each day. Children go to school and feel alone, friendless, and afraid. Individual family members are in a physical family, but feel abandoned, unloved, and left out of events, conversations, and functions.

In Outside the Inside Circle, C. NaTasha Richburg addressed the issue of acceptance, approval, and what it means to be included in the “inner circle.” Through the character, Rox, readers will gain a new perspective of what it means not only to be included in groups with other people, but ultimately, what it means to be included in the amazing, vast family of God. Young adults will be encouraged and enlightened through Rox’s story and the truth-bearing lessons that she learns.

Within every community there is usually a group of individuals considered the “inner circle.” This inner circle of friends or comrades may carry the title, the “in crowd,” “the clique,” “the cool” ones or more. The inner circle may allow limited entry. Only a chosen few gain access to the private conversations of the inner circle. For those chosen for entry into the private workings of the inner circle, they enter with limited awareness of how the behavior of the inner circle can weigh on the psyche of individuals on the outside of the circle, especially when individuals outside are seeking emotional support from the inner circle. This story allows the reader to walk through the perspective of an individual, Rox, for whom being outside of the inner circle of her family caused her to act out inappropriately because she hoped someone would notice her. Rox’s banishment from the inner circle drove her to face life’s trials and tribulations without the peace of mind gained from the comfort of a family unit. Rox’s light dimmed, until she reconciled God’s purpose for her life.

C. NaTasha Richburg has a BS in Business Administration from Frostburg State University, an MBA from Morgan State University, and an MIS from Johns Hopkins University. Mrs. Richburg is currently attending Morgan State University in pursuit of a Doctorate in Urban Leadership Education. Mrs. Richburg is also President and CEO of CNR Ministries, author, mentor, motivational speaker and visionary of Jeremiah’s Kall (a brotherhood of gospel hip-hop artists). Mrs. Richburg has also served as an adjunct instructor at the University of Maryland Baltimore County in the Information Systems department for over 15 years. Mrs. Richburg is married to her husband Melvin and has four grown children. Motivating others to achieve “excellence” is the force behind her passion that, “[a] wise man is strong; yea a man of knowledge increaseth strength” (Proverbs 24:5).

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Outside the Inside Circle is available on Amazon.com.

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