Surviving a Homeschool Christmas with Peace and Joy

Surviving a Homeschool Christmas with Peace and Joy

Persevering through the highs and lows of the Christmas season can be a bit stressful for any family – especially a homeschool family. Parents of traditional students often get extra time while the kids are in school to catch up on shopping, wrapping, baking, decorating, or whatever else needs to be done on that never-ending holiday to-do list. Homeschool moms and dads have to find a way make it all work out with a little extra patience, ingenuity, and superior time management.

Some days, you are just going to feel like you don’t have it all together. You’re going to feel scattered, distracted, anxious, and potentially even Scrooge-like. (Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.) On days like these, please refer to this special Bridgeway guide for homeschool families.

Bridgeway Guide to Capturing Holiday Cheer (When You’ve Simply Lost It)

1. Have a Moment. Take a breather, sit down at the table with a cup of tea or java, and pull yourself together. Make everyone leave the room so you have quiet. Have a pad and pencil in front of you. Strategize:

  • What needs to get done today?
  • Block out time segments – hour chunks are good for items such as curriculum, shopping or wrapping, baking, cleaning, and down-time. (Don’t forget down-time, it’s important too.)
  • Prioritize. Some people prefer, and do much better, by getting the ugliest or most difficult items out of the way first. This will depend on your personality (as well as your child’s).
  • Pin this completed list to the fridge. When you feel frazzled, you can refer to it, and get back on track. It will be a work in progress.
  • What doesn’t get done will get moved to the top of the list tomorrow. Don’t feel you’ve failed if everything doesn’t get crossed off. If it does – then enjoy that good feeling!

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