Pastor Has Stolen Bible Returned by Good Samaritan Sikh


A church pastor’s Christmas vacation in North Texas has been an emotional journey. It all began on Christmas Day when the pastor, Todd Gaston, became the victim of a crime.

He had his backpack stolen from the front seat of his car.

“My Bible, my prayer journal…things that were invaluable to me, things not valuable to anyone but me [were stolen],” said Gaston.

Gaston’s congregation is in Stafford, VA, but he’s in north Texas for the holidays. He came to accept the loss, but on Monday, four days after the theft, something encouraging happened.

“My secretary sent me a text this morning, or an email this morning, saying, ‘We received a message on our machine from a man in your area that found your Bible and your religious books along the side of the road,’” said Gaston.

That brought Gaston to Southlake — the Good Samaritan who found Gaston’s things said he took the items to the Southlake Public Library and left them with the staff for safekeeping.

FOX 4 went with Gaston to the library and Monday. Gaston got his things back, showing gratitude and joy.

“I can’t believe I got it back,” he said. “Grateful. I’m grateful. This is so cool.”

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Dionne Anglin

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