Hobby Lobby Not Giving Up on Bible Curricula Despite Oklahoma School District’s Cancellation

The new Museum of the Bible logo. (Photo courtesy of Museum of the Bible)
The new Museum of the Bible logo. (Photo courtesy of Museum of the Bible)

An Oklahoma school district has announced that it has indefinitely cancelled a Bible curriculum developed by Hobby Lobby.

Even though school officials postponed implementing the curriculum from its initial August launch date to January, the full rejection of the course that was spearheaded by the giant Christian retail chain came as a surprise to many, especially after the school district unanimously voted (4-0) to adopt the Bible history curriculum earlier this year.

One of the chief opponents to implementing the Bible curriculum from the onset of the proposal has been the Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), an atheist group that has gained a reputation for striving to eliminate all vestiges of America’s Christian heritage in the public schools. According to a news release issued by FFRF, the official plans to move forward with the elective course for students were announced by the district.

“In summary, the topic of a Bible course in the Mustang School District is no longer a discussion item nor is there a plan to provide such a course in the foreseeable future,” Mustang Pubic School District superintendent Sean McDaniel reportedly declared in an email.

According to McDaniel’s statement, Hobby Lobby’s Green family failed to meet some “non-negotiable” requirements, including the district’s ability to review the course material prior to its introduction, as well as providing legal coverage for the school district in the event of a future lawsuit.

Not Giving Up
Despite the latest setback, Museum of the Bible executive director of education Dr. Jerry Pattengale — who co-developed the course with the museum’s founder, Hobby Lobby president Steve Green — appeared unfazed by the cancellation. He indicated that Green’s Washington, DC-based museum, which is slated to open in 2017 just blocks from the U.S. Capitol, is moving forward with curricula to implement in other interested school districts.

“We understand Mustang’s decision to withdraw the new, elective Bible course from consideration,” Pattengale expressed to The Blaze. “Museum of the Bible remains committed to providing an elective high school Bible curriculum and continues work on an innovative, high-tech course that will provide students and teachers with a scholarly overview of the Bible’s history, narrative and impact.”

Pattengale, who is also chairman of the museum, said earlier in the year that the curriculum highlights many of the contributions and foundational principles exhibited through the extensive collection amassed by the Green family, which will soon be exhibited in the nation’s capital.

“We have a unique value proposition to offer with this curriculum, given our work with scholars, The Green Collection’s rare biblical texts and artifacts that currently number more than 44,000, and the museum,” Pattengale shared.

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SOURCE: One News Now
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