CODE2040 Helps Techies of Color Find a Place in Silicon Valley

CODE2040 Helps Techies of Color Find a Place in Silicon Valley
Laura Weidman Powers, CEO and co-founder with Tristan Walker of CODE2040, a San Francisco-based non-profit that helps tech students of color find careers in the industry. CODE2040’s name alludes to the year 2040, when it’s expected that the USA’s demographics will no longer feature a white majority.
(Photo: Courtesy of CODE2040)

Fact: Most big tech companies — from Google to Uber to Airbnb — have achieved their huge successes with a largely white workforce.

So why bother adding people of color to the ranks if things are just fine as they stand?

Because here’s another fact: By the year 2040, the United States will have a non-white majority. In other words, today’s playbook for financial victory will soon be outdated.

“Think about it, what if Facebook were founded in 2040, would it be Spanish-language first or English? It’s a legitimate question that will be asked soon enough,” says Tristan Walker, one of Silicon Valley’s few African-American tech entrepreneurs and a co-founder with Laura Weidman Powers of the strategically named non-profit CODE2040.

“If you’re a smart company, you’ll want an ethnically diverse team empathetic about the needs of your diverse consumers,” says Walker, 30, who runs Walker & Company Brands. “What we’re doing at CODE2040 isn’t charity work. We’re trying to help tech organizations because there is a real business imperative here.”

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Source: USA Today | Marco della Cava

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