Angelina Jolie Involved in Car Accident

© Rupert Hartley/Rex USA
© Rupert Hartley/Rex USA

Angelina Jolie is fine after experiencing a scare when the car she was riding in skidded out of control and crashed.

The actress was on her way home from a screening of her new film “Unbroken” in Los Angeles on Nov. 30 when the SUV hit an oily road, causing it to skid and slam into a median.

The impact from the median was severe enough to cause at least one tire to blow out.

Someone in Angie’s camp called the cops because they felt she was being harassed by paparazzi, TMZ reported, but by the time deputies arrived, Angie had walked away and left in another vehicle.

While transferring from one car to the other, Angie did not speak to the awaiting paparazzi who questioned her about the crash.

SOURCE: MSN Wonderwall
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