New Jersey Pastor Dharius Daniels Paints a New Picture of Christ In “RePresent Jesus” (Video)


What if some contemporary Christians are getting Jesus all wrong? That’s the question at the center of Pastor Dharius Daniels’ new book titled, “RePresent Jesus” — a text that promises to paint a picture of Christ that “people will want to follow.”

Daniels, founder of the Kingdom Church in Ewing, New Jersey, told TheBlaze recently that he believes there’s sometimes a disconnect between the Jesus that many Christians are taught about and the Jesus who appears in the Bible — a scenario that can lead believers astray.

The pastor said that the image of Christ that manifests in many believers’ minds is often colored by individuals’ own desires of what they think or want Jesus to be like — a paradigm that is predicated upon assumptions surrounding how the Christian savior would react to certain contemporary issues.

“I believe that disconnect exists, because in many Christian circles the emphasis is so much on his death — which is important — but I think equal attention is not given to his life,” Daniels said. “So we really don’t know what he was like.”

As an example, the preacher noted that he would have given very nebulous terms if someone asked him to describe Jesus’ character before reconsidering his understanding of Christ.

But he said mere terms aren’t enough, as one must explore Jesus’ actions and interactions in the Bible to truly understand how to look at at him through a contemporary lens.

“If you take John 8 — the woman who was about to be stoned … what I did in my time of study was look at that and ask myself, ‘Now who is this woman today, because she’s got a private moral failure that’s become public knowledge?’” he said. “Well, this could be the latest politician, pastor, coworker who drank too much at the Christmas party, [or] the boy or girl who did something crazy at the prom.”

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SOURCE: The Blaze
Billy Hallowell

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