2 Ministers, 90-Year-Old Advocate Charged In Florida for ‘Crime’ of Feeding the Homeless

Arnold Abbott plans to defy Fort Lauderdale's ordinance against feeding the homeless again on Wednesday. (Sun-Sentinel)
Arnold Abbott plans to defy Fort Lauderdale’s ordinance against feeding the homeless again on Wednesday. (Sun-Sentinel)

It did not take long for City of Fort Lauderdale to make good on the promise to criminally charge those who violate a new ordinance that effectively outlaws groups from feeding the homeless in public.

On Sunday, the city charged three people, including two ministers and a 90-year-old homeless advocate, and they could face up to 60-days in jail for their so-called crime.

“I fully believe that I am my brother’s keeper. Love they neighbor as thy self,” explained Arnold Abbott.

90-year-old Abbott prepares hundreds of meals each week for the homeless in the kitchen of the Sanctuary Church.

“We serve two entrées at every feeding,” Abbott said.

But Abbott’s work now has him in trouble with the law.

He faces possible jail time and a $500 fine for feeding the homeless after he was charged Sunday with violating a new ordinance that virtually outlaws groups from sharing food with the hungry in the city.

“One of police officers came over and said ‘Drop that plate right now,’ as if I was carrying a weapon,” Abbott said.

Also charged was a minister from Coral Springs and Sanctuary Church pastor, Wayne Black.

“We believe very strongly that Jesus taught us that we are to feed his sheep,” said Pastor Black.

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