Taco Bell Launches Mobile Ordering

10/2014 _ Taco Bell app [Via MerlinFTP Drop] (Photo: Taco Bell)
10/2014 _ Taco Bell app [Via MerlinFTP Drop]
(Photo: Taco Bell)
Food used to be what drove folks into restaurants. But these days, it’s also increasingly the technology behind it.

That’s why two major restaurant chains, Taco Bell and Outback Steakhouse, made marketing waves on Tuesday, not with new product rollouts, but with industry-leading technology announcements.

Taco Bell went way outside the bun to unveil an advanced mobile app that lets folks order and pay on their smartphones and then walk or drive in and pick up their food.

To draw social media attention and promote the new app, all of Taco Bell’s social media platforms — including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram — went dark on Tuesday, revealing the new way to Taco Bell is #onlyintheapp. Each social media platform, as well as tacobell.com, provides only a link to download the new app. Consumers with the previous Taco Bell mobile app get an automatic update to the new mobile ordering app.

“Technology has fundamentally changed the way people interact with brands,” says Brian Niccol, president of Taco Bell. “All can be done any time, any place on a smartphone.”

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Source: USA Today | Bruce Horovitz

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