Matthew West Pens Song for Kansas City Royals Baseball Team


When the Kansas City Royals baseball team became 2014’s American League champions and headed to the World Series, Matthew West, who happens to be a die-hard Royals’ fan, just had to “do something” about it. Parodying the widely-known hit song “Royals” by Lorde, West recorded his own version of the song by changing the lyrics to celebrate the exciting win for Kansas City. Immediately going viral, the song also received exposure with the city’s television and radio stations.

Due to that exposure, West decided to pen his own original song to celebrate the winning team. Aptly titled “We Are The Royals” and with vocals from West’s friend and bandmate AJ Pruis, the song was recorded under the band name The MVP’s. As of today, the song is now available for purchase at iTunes here.

But there’s more to “We Are The Royals” than just celebrating the baseball team. After West’s parody of “Royals” began to go viral and writing the new tune, he met another dedicated Royals fan, Tim Grimes. Grimes, who was recently diagnosed with cancer and with numerous medical bills piling up, West got an idea.

“I started thinking about how I could maybe help him out in some way,” he shares. “The Royals have taken on the challenge to help motivate Tim, sharing the words ‘Win for Tim,’ so that got me thinking ‘how could I also help to make this a win for Tim?'”

In true Matthew West form, he is having all the proceeds from “We Are All Royals” from the sale of the single go directly to Grimes to help care for his medical needs. The song will now not only be in honor of the American League Champions baseball team but also in honor of Grimes.

For more information about the song, please visit iTunes. When tweeting, use hashtag #WinForTim.

Be sure to check out Matthew’s iHeart Radio interview where he talked about the song and Tim Grimes! He was LIVE this morning on the B98 Morning Show in Wichita, KS. Click here to the left to hear the full interview!


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