Texas Pastor Ed Young Preaches ‘God Is Like a Drone’ Sermon Series (Video)

Ed Young/Fellowship Church
Ed Young/Fellowship Church

“We need to rediscover how great and how awesome our God is,” megachurch preacher Ed Young says in the second of an August lecture series posted to YouTube. “So I thought I would call this series [of sermons] ‘Drones.'”

Wait — drones? The remotely piloted aircraft that also moonlight as tools for blowing up people in Pakistan? They’re what is going to make America rediscover God?

Apparently, Young thinks so. His August lecture series centers on a central if bizarre simile: God is like a drone. Just watch the strange trailer for the series, featuring images of drones targeting kids on playgrounds, some spectacularly inappropriate dubstep, and an exhortation to “get your drone on” at church:

Each lecture in the drones series focuses on one of the three basic attributes of the Abrahamic God: he’s omniscient (all-knowing), omnipresent (everywhere), and omnipotent (all-powerful).

Apparently, so are drones.

“Drones would be a sort of a microcosm of who God is,” Young preaches in the third lecture, before briefly explaining each attribute.

On a really simple technical level, it’s not an ideal comparison. Drones aren’t omniscient: one of the reasons where there’s a serious civilian casualty count in the US drone campaign in Pakistan is that it’s hard for drone cameras to distinguish civilians from legitimate targets at altitude.

They’re not omnipresent: there are really strict Federal Aviation Administration rules governing their domestic use, and only a handful of countries use them for military purposes.

And they’re definitely not omnipotent: drones haven’t been able to wipe out al-Qaeda, and they’re just not very good at a whole lot of military tasks. No drone that’s been built so far can replace a manned fighter in a dogfight, for example.

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