Lecrae to Release Book to Show People ‘the Method to My Madness’ (Video)


Lecrae has found another way to mix religion and rap, this time in print form. The book will offer an inside look on Lecrae’s creative way of thinking, why faith is so important to him and hopefully give non-believers a better understanding of his actions and morals, according to a recent interview with Rapzilla.

“I think a book will help people kind of understand not only the method to my madness,” said Lecrae, “but my heart … I also want the book to reveal, in a lot of ways, kind of the faith that I hold, and why I believe what I believe. People outside of the faith will be able to say, ‘Okay, okay, I think I get it a little bit more.’”

No official release date has been revealed for the book. So until that day comes, be sure to check out Lecrae’s latest album Anomaly or check him out starting this October in the “Anomaly Tour“.

Watch the full interview below:

Morgan Murrell

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