“Jesus on Trial” Author Finds Bible 99.5% Accurate


An unusual and in depth study into the historical, documented and witnessed accuracy of the Bible finds that the story of Jesus of Nazareth is 99.5 percent true, more than any other ancient manuscript.

In Jesus on Trial, debuting Monday, lawyer and author David Limbaugh, writes, “There is an enormous amount of evidence that the Bible is historically reliable and that it was written by real men who were united in their commitment to truth.”

Limbaugh, a popular political author and brother of top-rated radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, said he conducted a legal investigation into the sources of the Bible to satisfy his own concerns about the book and his college-years doubt about whether Jesus really is the son of God.

His conclusion after his research for the book, which includes many of his sources, is that the Bible is more accurately documented than any other ancient manuscript. Referencing research into actual manuscripts for ancient writings, Limbaugh wrote that the Bible is tops and is “99.5 percent accurate.”

He adds, “There are still things I can’t fully explain — especially not to the stubborn doubter’s satisfaction — but by far, the most reasonable conclusion from the evidence is that the Triune God of the Bible is real, the Bible is the inspired word of God, the Bible is God’s direct, special revelation to us and informs us about God’s plan of salvation for mankind, and we ignore it at our peril.”

He notes that much of the New Testament was penned by those who witnessed Jesus and put down on parchment within 40 years of his death on a cross. He also provides evidence that churches didn’t make up the story.

In an interview, Limbaugh explained that when apostle Paul wrote about the resurrection, it was based on eyewitness accounts.

“Paul wrote about these 500 witnesses within some 20 years of the resurrection event when many of the witnesses were still alive. Had he and the other New Testament authors been fabricating these stories, these witnesses could have contradicted them, but there is no evidence that ever occurred. The evidence that Christ died an excruciating death on the cross, was buried in a tomb, that the tomb was later empty, and that he was resurrected in a physical body is powerful and overwhelming,” said Limbaugh.

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SOURCE: The Washington Examiner
Paul Bedard

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