Hip Hop’s Lord Jamar Says Rapper Mase Was Never a Faithful Follower of God

Mase Betha
Mase Betha

From week to week, we never know what side of the fence rapper Mase will be on. One minute he’s sold out for God and then the very next, he’s abandoned his flock at the El Lyon International Church, deciding to focus his attention on his rap career, having welcome back parties and what not.

And though many of us just assumed he was spiritually confused, Lord Jamar, of the Hip Hop group Brand Nubian and the Five Percent Nation, says there might be something more to it.

In an interview with VladTv, Jamar said Mase left the game and ran to the church:

“I’m not surprised. Did it really seem like that was a choice– like he had some sort of revelation and he was really a faithful follower? I’ve seen him teetering for the longest time, just the fact that you wanted to come back into rap… He did that to insulate and hide himself from some street sh*t that was happening. It would look pretty bad if you did something to a preacher, you know what I’m saying. But now I guess he feels like the heat is off. Maybe somebody went to jail, or somebody gave the a-ok that you could get back in the game or come back around.”

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SOURCE: MadameNoire
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