Evangelical Alliance Calls for Scotland to Build New Nation With Christian Values After Independence Referendum


The Evangelical Alliance of Scotland has called for the nation to unite and build a new Scotland with Christian values at the heart.

Following the results of the Scottish Independence referendum where voters rejected independence by 55 per cent to 45 per cent, Scottish National Director Fred Drummond said: “During this campaign all Scots have rallied around a flag. But as Christians our identity is not based on a flag or a national boundary but on the radical grace of being adopted into God’s family.

“Scotland and the UK will not be the same after this vote. We the Evangelical Alliance and our member churches stand ready to play our part.

“We urge Christians in Scotland, England, Northern Ireland and Wales to come together to pray for Scotland as we build a future for our nation.”

Mr Drummond said recent times in Scotland have been “an incredible season for our nation and the referendum debate has invigorated Scotland with our churches at the heart of the debate”.

“With the votes now cast and the result declared the people of Scotland have spoken and it is now time for us to unite as a nation and build a new and better Scotland based on the vision, hope and aspiration which characterised the debate,” he added.

He said as the Scottish people now consider “what kind of nation will now emerge from this campaign, the church must lead – and be allowed to lead – the way to ensure the new Scotland is one that reflects God’s values in the economy, the family, our communities and our environment”.

He added: “We recognise that while many are celebrating this morning there are also many in Scotland who are devastated at this result. “It is now time to show grace and kindness to those on the other side and move quickly to bring reconciliation where it is needed in our land. I know it will be a difficult thing for some people to do but we must love our neighbour. We are all Scots and Scots at heart together. If we put God’s love at the heart of what we do, healing will be much faster, genuine and long-lasting.”

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SOURCE: Belfast Newsletter

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