More Than 3 Million Expected to Participate In ‘Back to Church Sunday’ on Sept. 21


More than 30,000 U.S. churches expect to welcome more 3 million congregants on Back to Church Sunday, to be held Sept. 21. It’s the sixth annual event for the national movement, the largest yearly community-based church outreach effort in the nation.

In Pearl, Mississippi, more than 15 churches have joined together to invite all residents from the Jackson, Mississippi area to come back to church. According to a pastor in Pearl, this is the first-ever effort for churches in their city to work together for participation in Back to Church Sunday. According to a Back to Church Sunday media release, the group has even garnered the support of the local mayor.

“I encourage Pearl residents to bring their families and reach out to their neighbors to participate in National Back to Church Sunday,” said Pearl Mayor Brad Rogers. “Having a church home strengthens families—and strong families and churches strengthen communities.”

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SOURCE: Christian Retailing

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