Shopé to Release Self-Titled EP August 26th via Role Model Records


His first offering under his new name, Shopé fka Spoken hopes to craft his own path in the industry. The self-titled EP will serve as an introduction to the type of music listeners can come to expect from him; honest, vulnerable but yet bold. The project is a small window in the mind of an artist who wants to introduce the world to a real God for real people. Transparent, yet not voyeuristic, emotive yet not sorrowful, exciting yet not typical, Shopé (EP) will challenge the conventions of what music made to the glory of God can (and should) sound like.

Shopé EP track list
1. Cinema (Produced by Adam Pondang and Q)
2. Don’t Let Me Stop (Produced by Q Additional Production by Adam Pondang)
3. Mona Lisa (Be Mine) ft. Remus (Produced by INKomplete Beats)
4. Confetti (Produced by Joel “Boogie” St. John)
5. The Win ft. Dru Bex, Julien (Produced by Adam Pondang and Q)

Stream the Don’t Let Me Stop single on Soundcloud.


The Shopé EP releases August 26th, 2014 on Role Model Records.

Twitter @allofshope @rolemodelrecord @sohhpr


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